Snackr: Don’t Read Blogs, Snack On Them!

My coworker and friend NJ has created a new way to read and digest your RSS-syndicated news feeds in the form of a ticker-like desktop application built in Flex and AIR called Snackr. I’ve been using it to help him test it out for a month or two now and I have to say it’s really cool. Prior to Snackr, I read a handful of the feeds I’ve added to my reader application (mostly those written by my friends or coworkers) and mostly ignored everything else. I just never wanted to spend the time to slog through that huge backlog of news in one sitting, and since I only opened my feed reader once a day at best, I didn’t have very many sittings. But now that new feed items scroll by the bottom or side of my desktop, I can constantly glance over at the headlines and see if anything interests me. Plus it gives me something to do during a boring meeting or to kill time between tasks (although I’ll warn you – it doesn’t do much to improve your productivity!)


Some tips:

  • You can drag the ticker to any of the edges of your monitor, including the edges of a second monitor.
  • You can change the ticker speed via the preferences (second icon from the left). I like to slow mine down all the way since I find the default speed too distracting.
  • You can add feeds just by copying the feed URL, clicking on Snackr, and then doing Cmd/Ctrl-V to paste.

Now, quit reading this and go check it out!

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5 Responses to Snackr: Don’t Read Blogs, Snack On Them!

  1. Hi Rob,
    I’ve given a try to Snackr even if I think that feed items scrolling over the desktop are a distraction.
    I admit It’s a very cool app and I hope the “Sync feed lists/read items with popular blog readers” feature -taken from the wish list- will be implemented soon.
    Best Regards,

  2. I’d like to also give my +1 for syncing with Google Reader, especially read items. I like the idea of snackr, but if it’s not synced I’d worry about rereading things.

  3. Rob says:

    I notice NJ told you guys to bug me… good work :). I’ve got a good way along with implementing this feature already – Snackr is talking to Google Reader but syncing the feed list and read statuses is a little complicated since I’m trying to deal gracefully with network failures (either because Snackr is offline or because Google Reader isn’t responding). I’m hoping to make some serious progress this weekend – will keep you updated. It’s been fun writing code again!

  4. If I can help in any way, let me know. I’d love to be contributing to the Flex/AIR community on a project/feature that I find useful.
    Is the code released anywhere yet?

  5. karl deeter says:

    OMG i LOVE snackr!
    i write a blog and comment on radio/papers a lot, i don’t have the time to use my beloved thunderbird to sift through everything so having the blog equivalent of a bloomberg terminal rocks.
    i haven’t seen something i like so much in ages and ages. great work! excellent