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Thermo: The Board Game

As many of you may know, I’m currently hard at work on Thermo (demo video), our next generation RIA design tool, along with the rest of the design team. I wanted to share one of the research techniques we’ve used … Continue reading

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Excellent Example of Eliminating Work

Yesterday’s xkcd demonstrates a FIG best practice in action: Although one might quibble with it’s means, the Wifi autoconfig program depicted here does an excellent job of following the FIG best practice “Use the impeccable memory and powerful processing abilities … Continue reading

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FIG Evaluation – The New

(Disclaimer – as always, the opinions expressed below are my own and are not necessarily shared by my employer.) recently relaunched with a new site design that uses primarily Flash. Good technology choice. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone … Continue reading

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enabled=”false” Considered Harmful

Oftentimes when designing applications, certain functionality needs to be present in some situations but not in others. The traditional way of dealing with this on the desktop is to enable the controls that provide access to that functionality when it … Continue reading

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