Hi! My name is Rob Adams. I’m design researcher and product strategist located in San Francisco, California. I make products people love.

During my career as a user experience professional, I’ve solved some of the most visible, challenging, and rewarding design problems in the industry at places like Adobe Systems, Inc and Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve found that when working on truly innovative projects, its important to blur the line between design research, which is concerned with understanding how people live their lives today, and interaction design, which is concerned with finding ways to make their lives better. Thus, this blog is about both topics, and most especially about those many magical times that the two intersect.

I think a lot about my craft and how to do it better. User Eccentric is an attempt to put some of those thoughts down in writing and share them with you, the reader. I’m hoping it will inspire you to share some of your thoughts with me! Please do get in touch, either through leaving a comment or sending me an email.

You can also find me on the usual social networks:

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