Inaugural Post

Welcome to User Eccentric! I’m Rob, one of many user experience professionals doing my life’s work in San Francisco, California. At the moment, I work for Adobe Systems, Inc. as the user researcher for our Flex product line. I’m in the business of designing great products that make people happy, and this weblog is about how I go about that business: interaction design, design research, and fitting the two together. I’m an industry practitioner, so I expect most of the content here will be focused on pragmatics. If I wax theoretical from time to time, forgive me; I did study philosophy for some time in undergrad and old habits die hard.

This is actually my second blog; the first,, was an affectation of mine as I was attending grad school at Carnegie Mellon University. It ran for about a year and a half and collected quite a few entries before I fell out of the habit of updating it regularly. It’s now defunct but still available for archival reasons, and will probably continue to be at least until I get around to moving all the interesting entries over here. All new content will go here, however, and I plan to keep a clearer focus on the field of experience design and research for this little project.


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